Opportunities to Contribute to the San Jose IBM PC Club

Job Opening
Responsibilities Currently Done By

Elected officers:
President Conduct Board and Club meetings and insure that all Club business is transacted in an efficient manner. Walt Cole
Vice President In the absence of the President, assume the duties of that office. Don Pelling
Secretary Record the minutes of Club business transacted at both Board and General Meetings. Jack Stallard
Treasurer Maintain a record of all financial transactions conducted by the Club, handle Club funds, and deposit them. Peter Lee

Ongoing Jobs
Technical Support Chairman & ISP System Administrator Handle the Club servers including  updates, backup, and questions from members.  Alan Baker
Assistant ISP System Administrator In the absence of the System Administrator, handle the Club servers. Stew Edelman
Nominating Committee Search for Club members that are willing to join the Board and participate in its functions.  Walt Cole 
Membership Chairman Maintain membership database, handle checks, generate reports, and print labels. John Zimmerman
Program Director Coordinate suggested speakers.  Invite, book, track, and meet speakers for the General Meetings.  Bader Kudsi
Newsletter editor Publish Bits and PC's monthly Newsletter and post it on the Club's Web site. Dick Stuart
Webmaster Develop/maintain club web pages with up to date information. DeForrest Home
Meeting notice sender Send e-mails to members and guests about upcoming club meetings. Bader Kudsi
IBM Club communicator See that the PC Club has a article in the IBM Club's monthly newsletter. Alan Baker
Post direction signs Post the SVL direction signs in hallways before each monthly meeting. Don Pelling
Postmaster Administer member userids for the Club's ISP and Web site on the Club's Server. Jim Van Nuland
Book lending library Develop/maintain a book lending library. Don Pelling
Member at Large Handle special assignments not normally covered by above items. Open

Occasional jobs include being a speaker at a monthly meeting, locating a speaker for a monthly meeting, and writing an article for the Bits and PC's newsletter.

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