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See the Membership link in the column at the left for instructions and a membership application form.

General Meetings

General Meetings are held at 5:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the computer classroom at the Almaden Community Center, 6445 Camden Avenue, San Jose, California. The classroom is on the second floor. For a map, click here, and for directions to the classroom click here.

For a list of meeting speakers and topics for the year, click the Meetings link in column on the left.

July General Meeting -- 7/14/2015

Subject: Picasa Web Albums vs Google+ Photo Sharing vs Google Photos
Speaker: Walt Cole

Google cannot make up its mind. All three photo sharing tools are still around. Over time they first emphasized PWA, then G+PS and now Google Photos. Come learn the differences and what the latest tool does and its advantages.

June General Meeting -- 6/9/2015

Subject: Different and unusual uses of Excel
Speaker: Pat McMahon

Pat will show an Excel application for solving Sudoku puzzles using complex functions and conditional formatting. He will also demonstrate an Excel game application used for helping people with brain development.

Click here to see the slides that Pat presented at the meeting.

May General Meeting -- 5/12/2015

Subject: Future Crimes

We will see a podcast from the Triangulation series hosted by Leo Laporte. Leo will interview Marc Goodman, author of a new book, Future Crimes. The discussion will be about the global threat posed by malicious software being deployed by organized crime and government agencies around the world. Leo and Marc will discuss the recent targeted attacks against major corporations, such as Target and Sony Pictures, and they will conclude with some ideas of how we all can reduce the threat of malicious attacks against our personal computer files, finances, and identities.

Can Your Car be Hacked?

Read an interesting blog by Bob Rankin about how vulnerable some of the new cars are to having their controls hacked from the outside. Hackers could potentially take over a car's engine, breaks, steering, or even windshield wipers. Read the blog here:

Printer and Monitor Calibration File

Take a look at the new printer and monitor calibration file contributed by Ed Mueller. Click the link in the column on the left.

Sixty years of star parties with the San Jose Astronomical Association

On September 19th the San Jose Mercury News printed an article about the San Jose Astronomical Association. The article highlighted some of the activities that our club postmaster, Jim Van Nuland, is doing to bring the Association's Outreach Program to the schools. Jim visits schools in San Jose and neighboring cities and sets up telescopes for night viewing activities. You can read the article at

Farewell Paper Newsletter

The PC Club newsletter, "Bits and PCs," is available to club members on the club web site. The newsletters are in PDF format, so you can use the free Adobe Reader to view/zoom/print pages or the entire newsletter.

Thunderbird upgrade

The Thunderbird email client may issue an erroneous message about the TLS security protocol being disabled at  If you encounter this message, please change Thunderbird's server setting from TLS to SSL.  For more information about email at, click here.

PC Health Check

Due to the smaller size of our new meeting room, we will no longer be able to provide a PC Health Check at our meetings. However, information about software that members can use to do their own PC health check is at

Your PC Club Needs You  

There are many different jobs, and most require only a small amount of time.

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